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#5 SSS Security Tip | Holiday Season: Party Safety

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If you must drink and drive, drink Coke.

– unknown, as seen on a bumper sticker

‘Party safety’ goes hand-in-hand with ‘holiday season’. There is nothing more upsetting than planning the perfect holiday bash only to have you or your guests suffering some unfortunate mishap brought about by a lack of preparation for party safety. Making appropriate safety plans will not put a damper on the party spirit but rather, allow everyone to relax and enjoy the festivities.

As a considerate host, there are many party safety issues to consider, including providing a safe venue, providing safe parking, ensuring guests safety needs are considered before (no open invites, screen the guest list etc.), during (watch for underage or excessive drinking etc.) and after your party (ensure guests can get back to their vehicles safely, make sure no one drives drunk, make sure correct directions are given to taxi drivers etc.).

As a considerate guest, there are also party safety issues that you need to consider, including, getting a firm commitment from the person who agrees to be your designated driver, if you choose to drink (do this before you arrive it’s not the host’s job to sort this out later), pace your drinking (the night is young, there is lots of time to drink and be merry), have sufficient cash or your debit card readily available to pay for the taxi to take you home (don’t borrow from the host), don’t invite unknown persons to the party unless cleared by the host.

There is nothing wrong with relaxing and enjoying the festive party scene, however if you fail to take proactive measures to ensure general party safety, criminals will not hesitate to take advantage and you will land up being an unfortunate statistic.


5 Awesome party safety practices 

  1. Do not accept drinks from strangers (this applies to house parties as well as at clubs).
  2. Do not leave your drinks unattended (this provides an easy opportunity for them to be tampered with).
  3. Do not drink whilst taking medication (this could impair your ability to drive and / or think clearly).
  4. Do not accept lifts from strangers, especially if you have been drinking heavily (call a reputable taxi service instead).
  5. Avoid drunken conflict, your reflexes and critical thinking ability will be impaired and severely reduce the likelihood of you achieving anything constructive (the cold and sober light of a new day should help put things into perspective).

Here’s to you and your loved ones, wishing you a safe and enjoyable holiday season, with minimal party safety issues.

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