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 Firearm Training

Our fully registered and accredited (by SAPS and PFTC) in-house firearm training centre ensures that all SSS employees, required to be armed during the course of their duties, are properly educated. The process is rigorous, and includes regular re-training, in the legal and safe use of pistols, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles.

The  tranquil setting is conducive to quality training and the fully equipped shooting range provides an ideal setting to practice and hone professional marksmen skills.

Properly educating and preparing our armed employees, in the use and safe-keeping of firearms,  is essential to ensure quality service delivery to our clients.


Other Training

Our SASSETA accredited training centre, based in KwaZulu-Natal, is fully equipped to provide state of the art computer training to security officers as well as security administration support employees.

We also cover the following learning programmes:-

  • Relevant security industry SETA accredited unit standards and skills programs covering general security practices.
  • In-house soft skills programs covering debt management, budgeting, time management, supervision, communication etc.

Continuous, life-long learning is key to empowering our employees and, through the training facilities available to them, SSS encourages full participation by as many employees as possible.


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