Other Security Services


 Other Security Services 

Tactical Intervention

  • These response units are trained to handle strikes, political unrest and community protest situations by providing solid management and a core of highly skilled personnel to contain and diffuse such situations.
  • Minimum force is provided by non-lethal crowd control equipment in volatile situations




 Electronic Security Measures 

  •  Alarm installation, monitoring and reaction
  • CCTV installation (covert & overt), monitoring and reaction
  • Communication networks (setting up and securing) 

General 1

 Loss Prevention

  • Logistics and stock control
  • Weighbridge security functions



VIP Protection

  • We provide discreet, highly trained, experienced and well equipped close protection officers.
  • Advanced planning and preparation is conducted thorough reconnaissance as well as risk and threat assessments to ensure the best possible safety measures are put into place and that they are utilised efficiently and effectively to maintain client safety at all times.


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