Investigation Services

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Investigation Services

The following types of investigation services, conducted discreetly and producing quality results, are provided:-

  • Litigation Support: Civil & Criminal proceedings
  • Surveillance: Vehicular and Pedestrian
  • Intelligence investigation, gathering and evidence processing: This includes but is not limited to: - background checks; review of: civil & criminal court records, driving records, personal financial information (property records, tax records, bankruptcies, liens, liquidations, judgments, vehicle ownership), last know addresses etc.
  • Covert / undercover investigation
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Polygraph investigation
  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigation







Not only do we do the actual investigation we will also assist our clients to put in place effective security measures that seek to prevent future fraud from occurring. Specific services include:

  • Discovery of hidden assets & unreported income.
  • Detection & tracing of fraudulent transactions: including money laundering.
  • Detecting & tracing misappropriated company assets / funds.
  • Detecting employee: dishonesty, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets, conflicts of interest and corrupt practices
  • Detecting & tracing tender fraud.
  • Detecting & tracing counterfeit products.
  • Forensic audits
  • Covert due diligence
  • Travel safety

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