#21 SSS Security Tip | Hard Work Is Key

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure

– Colin Powell

Hard work is a key component of any worthwhile endeavour. Within the private security industry not only are we faced with gruelling work hours but often there are hostile work environments causing both physical and emotional stress. Security professionals who, whilst continuing  with their hard work, learn how to cope effectively with work and life stressors are of great value and add to the overall success of an organisation.

Within SSS we have a number of such dedicated employees who have gone above and beyond what is expected from them and, through their hard work and effort, they have not only impacted on the performance of the organisation but on the lives of fellow South Africans as well:-


A joint security operation with SSS, Hammersdale SAPS, Mpumalanga SAPS and the PMB K9 unit lead to the arrest of 6 suspects and the confiscation of 17 bags of dagga with an estimated street value of R1.2 million (News24 Article). Building solid relationships with the local SAPS is one of the many ways in which SSS tries to keep the streets of South Africa safe for our clients, fellow employees and the community.

A house-breaking syndicate operating in the Manderston area was, through the co-ordinated effort and persistent hard work of SSS Managers, Senior Supervisors, Supervisors and the Strike Force team, successfully put out of action. The suspects were arrested and stolen goods were recovered. Teamwork and commitment are critical to creating safer communities.


Working closely with the local SAPS and HAWKS, SSS management was able participate in and successfully plan an undercover sting operation involving the unauthorised sale of a client’s product to unscrupulous vendors. Through quick thinking, persistence and having solid professional relationships in place with other security entities, an arrest was made and the recovery of stolen goods was possible.

From the above, along with the knowledge of what tasks SSS security professionals do on a day-to-day basis, it is clear that hard work and effort pay off in the end. Through dedication and by being responsive to change they are able to create a safe environment at the same time enforcing security policies. Along with this, by maintaining a network of professional security resources and building solid foundations with fellow security professionals, long-term effectiveness and success is almost certainly achievable.

SSS employees, possessing a range of skills and abilities and through persistent effort and hard work, are able to provide effective service delivery to clients and the community at large.


 5 Ways to make Hard Work Pay off

  1. Build solid relationships with local professional entities (SAPS, Metro Police, other security organisations)
  2. Work smarter not harder
  3. Keep an accurate, personal record, of extra projects you participate in (to load onto your CV)
  4. Don’t be afraid to get your “hands dirty”
  5. Continue building on your skills (lifelong learning)

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