Day-In-The-Life: A Security Guard’s Experience

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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"

– Steve Jobs

We spend a large amount of our limited time at work. Often, we moan and complain about the job we do: it doesn’t pay enough, we don’t like the people, we don’t like the working conditions… on and on.

Sometimes we look at the jobs other people do and think “I can do that” or “I can do that job much better than that person” or “That looks like an awful job, I would hate to do that job”.

Changing your job is not an easy choice to make. However, changing how you think about your job and the people you work with is your choice. Changing how you do your job is all up to you.

The idea behind the video project “day-in-the-life” is to provide a short but “real life” look into what other people experience in their daily life, specifically as it relates to their job. Different people, working different jobs, have different experiences from you and me.

Personally, I would like to find out more and maybe get a better understanding and appreciation for other people and the specific experiences they go through. Through this project I have definitely learnt something new and hopefully you learn something too.

Our first project participant is Sbongiseni Patrick Shezi. His work in the local security industry is often dangerous and covers long hours away from home, however, the great friendships he has made on the job add value to each shift he works.

Find Out More

Here, in his own words, Patrick tells us a bit about his experiences filming the “day-in-the-life” project.

Patrick also says, about his participation in the project:

  1. Making this video was a learning curve for me. I learned about myself as an individual and gained confidence about myself as a person. I also interacted and associated with many different people.
  2. I think this project helps to open the minds of different people and about our interactions as human beings
  3. I learned that I have to accept people the way they are regardless of who they are or what they think about living their own life
  4. I learned that I should say good-bye before I leave home, even though I do it everyday with my wife it is very crucial that you admire every person that is close to you
  5. Watching the clips gave me more confidence and makes me also want to learn more about others through the same type of video.
  6. Life is too precious to waste judging or criticising other people or the lives they live.
  7. You need to live life to the fullest and accept yourself and learn about other people

Watch Patrick In Action!

You can also watch Patrick's video on our Specialised Security Services Facebook page

Hopefully, like Patrick, you are working with a great team of people and still have a smile on your face after a long day at work. And, in the words of Steve Jobs, if you haven’t yet found what you love to do, keep looking, don’t settle.

Thanks for sharing Patrick. We look forward to seeing the next video in this project.

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Sharing is caring!